Bite #8: Check out the Nightly ServiceNow Build

Have you ever wanted to see what the next *unreleased* version of ServiceNow might contain? I’ve got a secret for you…

EDIT: It appears the security around this has been locked down since I first posted this. It is no longer publicly available.

The Credit

Credit for the below tip goes to Tom Alday, also known as @sdnerd, who posted it over on the ServiceNow community on Reddit.

The Link

ServiceNow’s Public Nightly Build Instance:

The Details

From what I’ve been able to ascertain so far, this does appear to run on the latest build they have available. It definitely isn’t always stable, and it isn’t predictable either. From my experience it seems to be domain separated at random times, and will crash on me right as I’m trying to investigate something.

The Disclaimer

I have no idea if this is supposedĀ to be available to the public or not, and I have not learned about this in any official capacity from ServiceNow or Fruition Partners. This is just a random tip I stumbled upon. Use with caution, and at your own risk. Don’t assume anything you see on that instance is going to be in the next release.

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  1. Seems to prompt for credentials and now clearly states… “This instance is for internal ServiceNow use only”


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