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What is GarrettNow?

Weekly tips and tricks for Service-Now, regular Q&A sessions, and a constantly growing catalog of video walkthroughs.

Note: While this blog will remain up for historical purposes, it is no longer active —  as it’s migrated over to the Finite Partners Blog.

Who is Garrett?

Garrett Griffin-Morales

Garrett Griffin-Morales

Garrett Griffin-Morales is 30 years old, and is the owner and an Architect at Finite Partners. His current focus is on customizing and enhancing Service-Now to fit the needs of various clients. He has specific specialties in aiding Multi-Service Providers with a “Domain Separated” implementation, and with the Human Resources application. Beyond Service-Now, Garrett has a good handful of experience and success with SEO, and a plethora of experience with Linux/PHP/MySQL/JavaScript.

4 replies

  1. Hi Garrett,

    Could you send me correct link to ServiceNow Library resource:)?
    Unfortunately link in this page doesn’t work;/.

    I’m working also with ServiceNow platform in Poland.

    I would be very very grateful.

    Best Regards
    Artur Snusz


    • For the sake of future readers – if you have any trouble with the Dropbox links I’m using, just leave me a comment and I’m more than happy to email you the library like I’ve done for Artur.


  2. Hi Garret,

    How to setup your library in Netbeans that readme text file is not enough for me.
    Could you please help me with that.

    I will be thankful for your consideration.



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