Bite #9: Company Specific Logos

Different ServiceNow users can see different header logos and text while using the same instance… let’s talk about how it’s done.

The Scoop

Often times I run into people who are completely unaware that the logo displayed to a user is based on the “Banner Image” field of the company that their record is associated to.

Useful Scenarios

Times that this is super helpful include:

  1. Clients logging into the instance, who desire a “white-label” experience, where the fact your company is involved is as hidden as possible.
  2. Vendors logging in, greeted by a friendly interface.
  3. Different departments, regions, or franchises seeing their specific logo.

The Out of Box Surprise

You may not realize it… but out of box, there are a number of logos already setup on manufacturer’s company records. This means that if you assign users to that company (because they’re a vendor or subcontractor of yours), and allow them to log in, their visual experience may be different from what you expect. Always impersonate users if you’re setting them up against a new company.

The Setup Steps

To intentionally put this in place, do the following:

  1. Personalize the form layout of the Company form to add the banner_image and banner_text fields.
  2. Select a banner image to upload. Note that choosing too big of an image, or a non-horizontal image, makes it look weird.
  3. Specify the banner text to be used. This is most often the name of the company.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Create or modify a user record, and select the company you just setup to be the user’s company.
  6. Impersonate that user (or logout and login as them).
  7. If the logo isn’t showing what you just setup, try refreshing your page, and/or performing a “”.

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