Bite #6: Properly Granting Permissions…

What’s the proper way to assign permissions to people in ServiceNow? Here’s the “best practice” answer for you…

The Problem

There’s a number of ways to dole out roles and privileges in the system, but which will result in the least amount of work in the future?

The Solution

The Best Practice Method

  1. ACLs are created granting CRUD operations to various roles.
  2. Roles are assigned to Groups.
  3. Users are put into Groups, and inherit the roles from those groups.

The Benefits

  • As people leave the organization and are replaced, simply changing who is in the group takes care of both security and assignments / who approvals go to.
  • It’s very easy to add new roles to groups and have all the users inherit those, as you grow the platform.
  • It’s simple to automate or delegate group membership, and by using this method, security is simplified and safely delegated as well.

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