Bite #16: Password vs Password2

There’s two types of password fields in ServiceNow — this goes both for creating a new field, and creating a new system property. Here’s the skinny on how they’re different and how to use them…

Live Feed – Person Tagging

Live Feed has a serious flaw compared to social networks like Yammer, and Facebook. You cannot currently use the @ symbol to “tag” someone. This update set is a first attempt at building this functionality into Dublin/Eureka.

How to Use Background Scripts

What? Background Scripts are Service-Now’s most direct method to run JavaScript directly against the server. This makes them an excellent way to test out the code intended for use in Script Includes, Scheduled Jobs, and Business Rules. Additionally, this is… Read More ›

GlideAggregate Examples

Previously, I posted an example of how to get distinct records using GlideAggregate. Today I want to share some further powerful examples of GlideAggregate. First off, you can grab the JavaScript file for GlideAggregate showing all the functions you can… Read More ›