Bite #5: Magical Left Hand Nav Shortcuts

Do you pull your hair out every time you need to navigate to the Group Type table? Do you hate hunting for the “All” Incident link? Check out these shortcuts…

Left Hand Nav Shortcuts


Type in a table name followed by “.list” to be taken directly to a list view of that table. Examples: “incident.list” or “sys_user_group_type.list”


Type in a table name followed by “.form” to be taken to creating a new record on that table. Examples: “incident.form” or “change_request.form”


Using ALL CAPS when typing in the shortcut will cause the resulting list or form to open in a new tab. Very useful for when you need to maintain the current page you’re on!

Adding Your Own Shortcuts


There is a “UI Script” called NavFilterExtension that allows you to create your own left hand navigation shortcuts. It has some examples in it already to get you started.

Chad’s Version

A colleague of mine has created a robust version to help with everything from searching to refreshing to pulling up a list of records assigned to you. Check it out and download his code on his blog post.

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  1. Thanks..It was really helpfull


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